Studying abroad is an amazing experience. You get to know the beauty of the country by communing with culture, traditions and people. You learn a new language and slowly break a fear of speaking it with the natives. Finally, you gain a decent education in chosen subject and live a successful life in your desired place. Poland has got so much to offer for international students. If you are thinking of starting your education in Poland, read on.

Affordable prices

Low costs of maintenance are one of the factors that usually bring foreign students to our country. Studying and living in Poland is much cheaper when compared to other European countries.

Universities in Poland are said to be on high level on a world scale. Despite this fact, rich educational path is affordable for many students across the globe. Accommodation costs are also highly reasonable. Students can live in university dormitory (from 400 zł), rent a single room (from 900 zł) or share an apartment with other students (from 700 zł). What is more, you can eat delicious local meals and taste fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the farmer that sells his goods at reasonable prices.


Educational offer is tailored to the needs of foreign students. However, if you want to be a student of one of top universities in Poland you should already have an educational background that allows you to undertake studies in one of the following (among others): University of Warsaw, Poznan University, Jagiellonian University, University of Lodz and many more.  If you come from the country outside the EU, visa to Poland is also required. Moreover, each foreign student is obliged to legalize his stay in country which allows him to get a work permit in Poland.

Jobs in Poland

There are numerous job offers in Poland that are suitable for foreign students. Most pupils usually consider working at the restaurant, taking care of children, waitressing, or participate in paid internships that require Polish language knowledge on a beginning level.

If you consider studying in Poland

Studying in Poland is linked with many formalities. Its amount may be overwhelming for a student who does not know how to deal with paperwork. This is where our job starts. In Think Poland agency we help to go through all the obstacles student may face. We will pick you up from the airport, help to choose the best study course, assist while picking up the accommodation and show you around the city. Go to and get all the necessary information about study and work in this beautiful country.

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