Ccu Mba Degree 866 91 Educate

The study of environmental problems is becoming increasingly multidisciplinary, taking into consideration socio-economic, cultural and political actions and consequences in addition to scientific evaluation. Students will study about causes and effects of international environmental challenges associated foremost to climate change, loss of biodiversity, desertification, water availability and land degradation. As a Geography or Biology key, you may possibly pick out to combine your Environmental Studies/Science degree with a Concurrent Education degree to teach at the Intermediate/Senior level. Students will draw on the array of courses taught at Yale-NUS and NUS to develop and total their Environmental Studies area of interest.

Graduates can function in national and international agencies, ministries and environmental organisations. If you search the internet you find that the planet is much progressive in this except perhaps this big nation, India. This course will examine the approaches to completing environmental assessments (EIAs) and involve a distinct focus on Canadian EIA processes. A vital exploration of philosophical ideas that shape and promote environmental awareness, protection and stewardship, as effectively as these which are a hindrance to a Christian understanding of the subject.

In addition to courses about modern environmental troubles, sustainability, and environmental philosophy, you will study about ecology and field biology, chemical analysis of water and soil, environmental effect assessments, geographical data systems (GIS), and extra. The Environmental Studies minor requires the completion of five Environmental Research courses, such as the introductory course, and at least a single course in environmental analysis.

Study about the first year course practical experience , which explores foundation understanding, as properly as quite a few environmental challenges and solutions. The programme is organised to help students strike an suitable balance between breadth of knowledge of environmental difficulties and in-depth know-how of a particular location or subject of interest. Based on your planned specialization, your background may possibly be from environmental sciences, ecology, resource management, agriculture, forestry, geography, economics, humanities, political science or a relevant social science. Graduates of the environmental research program have diverse careers from nonprofits and policy to science investigation and advocacy.

Students have the opportunity to examine and debate environmental troubles of international, national, and regional significance by way of the study of subjects including environmental citizenship, environmental ethics, sustainable development and ecology. The minor calls for taking a total of six courses consisting of three core classes and 3 elective classes.

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