Studying in Poland – information guide

Studying abroad is an amazing experience. You get to know the beauty of the country by communing with culture, traditions and people. You learn a new language and slowly break a fear of speaking it with the natives. Finally, you gain a decent education in chosen subject and live a successful life in your desired place. Poland has got so much to offer for international students. If you are thinking of starting your education in Poland, read on.

Affordable prices

Low costs of maintenance are one of the factors that usually bring foreign students to our country. Studying and living in Poland is much cheaper when compared to other European countries.

Universities in Poland are said to be on high level on a world scale. Despite this fact, rich educational path is affordable for many students across the globe. Accommodation costs are also highly reasonable. Students can live in university dormitory (from 400 zł), rent a single room (from 900 zł) or share an apartment with other students (from 700 zł). What is more, you can eat delicious local meals and taste fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the farmer that sells his goods at reasonable prices.


Educational offer is tailored to the needs of foreign students. However, if you want to be a student of one of top universities in Poland you should already have an educational background that allows you to undertake studies in one of the following (among others): University of Warsaw, Poznan University, Jagiellonian University, University of Lodz and many more.  If you come from the country outside the EU, visa to Poland is also required. Moreover, each foreign student is obliged to legalize his stay in country which allows him to get a work permit in Poland.

Jobs in Poland

There are numerous job offers in Poland that are suitable for foreign students. Most pupils usually consider working at the restaurant, taking care of children, waitressing, or participate in paid internships that require Polish language knowledge on a beginning level.

If you consider studying in Poland

Studying in Poland is linked with many formalities. Its amount may be overwhelming for a student who does not know how to deal with paperwork. This is where our job starts. In Think Poland agency we help to go through all the obstacles student may face. We will pick you up from the airport, help to choose the best study course, assist while picking up the accommodation and show you around the city. Go to and get all the necessary information about study and work in this beautiful country.

How to Stay Careful during a Tax Audit

Many entrepreneurs do not take the subject of taxes consciously or unconsciously as seriously. But that can have fatal consequences during tax audit. For if the tax office reveals errors or misdemeanors that lead to high back taxes, additional interest or even civil penalties, it can lead to life-threatening financial bottlenecks. We looked behind the scenes and put together the methods, tricks and exam practices.

Fateful Post Calculation

If a business owner has not recorded all operating income correctly, the auditor often identifies this by sampling the goods used. The same applies to hairdressers who buy neck braces for thousands of customers – but only want to serve a few hundred customers. Even restaurant operators, whose laundry bill suggests much more place settings than would be expected on the basis of turnover, can expect detailed inquiries.

Tip: Discrepancies and mistakes happen. In such a case, a plausible explanation is important. The presumption of the tax office can be refuted, for example, if the mustard was spoiled, or the ruffs were no longer available because of defect or theft. Here, however, the entrepreneur is in doubt in the burden of proof (e.g. photos of defective / corrupted goods, reported to the police for stolen goods, etc.).

Unannounced Visits by the Accountant

Since 1.1.2019, an auditor of the tax office can stand unannounced at the door and ask an entrepreneur to let him to his cashier. The surprise visit is intended to expose deficiencies in the cash management.

New Trend: Joint Audits with Foreign Auditors

If a company has an international presence and therefore has companies that are related to each other in different countries, the tax office looks very carefully to ensure that the profits are distributed correctly. If you notice that the profit in the country is bad, even though the owner steers the business here and in Switzerland or Luxembourg the highest profit is made, even though there are only a few office workers there, there is a threat of a joint audit. To do so, the German and foreign tax administrations ally and examine together.

Stumbling Trap Bonus Settlement

Often entrepreneurs, while shopping in wholesale at the end of the year for the sales, make a bonus in money or a discount for future purchases. Then the auditor can determine by retroactive accounting, if an entrepreneur has “bought on two invoices”: Once “official” for the goods, which run over the bookkeeping, and once “private” for all sales, which are done “on the side”.

Things to Know About Piano Tuners

Piano tuners and technicians can be easy to find, but finding ones that are experienced and knowledgeable can be a whole different thing. To help make this a little easier for you, here are a few things you should know about piano tuners and technicians.

Nobody Regulates These People

Unlike a number of other services and trades, piano technicians have no regulations to follow. That means anybody can post an ad online or in the paper claiming to be a piano technician. This does not mean that anybody can do it, though.

To find reputable piano tuning Waltham, make sure you read reviews. The internet can be a shopper’s best friend and provide a wealth of information on almost any local business.

Experience Can be Very Important

It should be noted that just because someone does not have a lot of experience as a piano tuner and technician, does not mean they are not a qualified professional. There are some things in every profession that simply come more easily over time. Be it the muscle memory in tightening strings or the more detail-oriented hearing to ensure every note is perfect.

Speak With the Technicians for Local Companies

Sometimes, it never hurts to just walk in and start talking to a company about a piano tuning. Often times, we can tell if something is off about a person, and this can be a great indicator that we simply won’t mesh well. This may not be a lifelong relationship, but if you are looking at tuning your piano, it can be a safe assumption that you want it to work well in the future. A quality piano technician or tuner can be someone you do use several times throughout your life. Make sure you don’t dread each moment and you will be more apt to get it done.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As you begin working with piano technicians, you will find your own things to watch for in good and bad ones.

Speaking from A Podium with The Right Products

Speaking or teaching from a podium is one of the most effective ways for you to take care of your teaching situation. The people who are trying to teach in a large room or with a large group need something that gets them in the right place for everyone to pay attention. Read below about what might happen when you have the right podium for your teaching space.

  1. How Do You Buy A Podium?

You could buy a lectern of any size for any space. You might have tried out podiums in the past that were very small, and you might not have something that holds your notes or computer. Look at the size of each of these surfaces because that makes a much bigger difference than you might think. You need something large enough to stand on and large enough for all the things you plan to teach with.

  1. Why Do You Want A Podium?

The podium that you get allows people to see you when they are far away. You could be in a large room or lecture hall, and it is hard for people to see if you are just standing on the floor. You need a podium that is easy to move around, and you need something that you can easily move around. You might want a flat podium that only gives you a little elevation, or you could get something that is much taller. You get to decide how hard it is to see in the room.

  1. The Desk

The desk is the flat surface that you put all your papers on when you stand up to teach or conduct, and you need a desk that will help you spread out all your materials. You could pick something that is adjustable, so you can put your computer up there, and you might find something that is very wide so you can set up many papers at once.

  1. Storage

There is storage under the desk that allows you to tuck away all the things that you are not using at that precise moment. This means that you can keep things up at the podium until you need them, and you can pull them out to put on the desk in seconds. You could set up all your teaching materials in one place, and you get to use them at a moment’s notice without looking around for everything.

  1. Conclusion

The podium that you have bought should come with a place to put all your materials, and you need storage in that space so that you can teach from it effectively. Someone who teaches in a large space should remember that they can buy both the podium and the desk that is needed to set everything up. You could conduct your group, teach in a large lecture, or work from your computer on this one item that you bought for the lecture hall.