Studying in Poland – information guide

Studying abroad is an amazing experience. You get to know the beauty of the country by communing with culture, traditions and people. You learn a new language and slowly break a fear of speaking it with the natives. Finally, you gain a decent education in chosen subject and live a successful life in your desired place. Poland has got so much to offer for international students. If you are thinking of starting your education in Poland, read on.

Affordable prices

Low costs of maintenance are one of the factors that usually bring foreign students to our country. Studying and living in Poland is much cheaper when compared to other European countries.

Universities in Poland are said to be on high level on a world scale. Despite this fact, rich educational path is affordable for many students across the globe. Accommodation costs are also highly reasonable. Students can live in university dormitory (from 400 zł), rent a single room (from 900 zł) or share an apartment with other students (from 700 zł). What is more, you can eat delicious local meals and taste fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the farmer that sells his goods at reasonable prices.


Educational offer is tailored to the needs of foreign students. However, if you want to be a student of one of top universities in Poland you should already have an educational background that allows you to undertake studies in one of the following (among others): University of Warsaw, Poznan University, Jagiellonian University, University of Lodz and many more.  If you come from the country outside the EU, visa to Poland is also required. Moreover, each foreign student is obliged to legalize his stay in country which allows him to get a work permit in Poland.

Jobs in Poland

There are numerous job offers in Poland that are suitable for foreign students. Most pupils usually consider working at the restaurant, taking care of children, waitressing, or participate in paid internships that require Polish language knowledge on a beginning level.

If you consider studying in Poland

Studying in Poland is linked with many formalities. Its amount may be overwhelming for a student who does not know how to deal with paperwork. This is where our job starts. In Think Poland agency we help to go through all the obstacles student may face. We will pick you up from the airport, help to choose the best study course, assist while picking up the accommodation and show you around the city. Go to and get all the necessary information about study and work in this beautiful country.

Choosing a Preschool for Your Child: 3 Options To Consider

There are various reasons to send your child to day care; perhaps you are going back to work or having another baby. Many parents opt for preschool so their kids can develop social skills and acclimate to a school environment before entering kindergarten. No matter the reason, here are three choices to contemplate before picking a preschool for your little one.

  1. Private Preschool

Since early childhood education isn’t mandated in the United States, most day cares and preschools are private. Many establishments have programs serving a range of ages, from infants through five-year-olds. Some private elementary schools also offer pre-K, which can be a good option if you’re considering sending your child to the same school for kindergarten and beyond. You can search online for private schools in Redmond WA, or wherever you live, to find out more about the private preschool offerings in your community.

  1. Public Preschool

State-funded preschools, often known as universal pre-K programs, do exist in some states. If you live in a state that offers this service, you may be able to send your child to prekindergarten free of cost. However, certain eligibility requirements may exist, and public preschool programs usually serve only four-year-old children. If universal pre-K is available to your child and meets the needs of your family, it can be a great option for preschool – and can save you a lot of money too!

  1. In-Home Day Care

If you’re not a fan of commercial child care centers, in-home day care might be a good solution. As the name suggests, these programs are hosted in the home of an individual – usually a professional caregiver. Some parents prefer the in-home setup because it is often more personalized, with fewer children and a more flexible curriculum. Regulation of in-home day care centers varies by state, so if you take this route, make sure that the center you choose is licensed or accredited.

There are no wrong answers when it comes to choosing a preschool for your youngster. As long as you do your research and select a program that fits your family’s needs and values, you’ll all be smiling on the first day of school!

Go to Spiritual Journey and Achieve Miracles in Life!

There are many ways to improve the way you life, solving any problem at this time and the future and come to peace with the world. One of the best way is by going on a spiritual journey, it is a journey to find out who you are and how you should face the world. While the purpose of this journey are rarely find an answer, it is a process of continually asking questions about your life and make you think about it. Today i will provide you a step by step guide on how to go on a spiritual journey to awakening your spiritual and achieve miracle. However, make  sure to check to understanding more about spiritual awakening experience.

pict attributed by

The first step is make sure that you setting spiritual goals. This is the most important step before you dive down into spiritual journey, understand that your journey is yours alone. Each spiritual journey is unique, each person have different spiritual jurney and nobody can tell you how your journey should be going. Make sure to keep a journal of your thoughts and feeling to ensure that you are keeping record for your experience. By recording your thoughts daily, you will be able to understand your worries, hopes and ambitions in context. Then, from the journal, you can make a set of goals and prioritize them. By creating proper mind journal, you willbe able to organizing your thoughts in regards to goal setting. This way, you will be able to be calmer and less angry when facing with adversary in life. However, make sure that you prioritize what interests you in your life, whether it is intellectually or emotionally. Then, you will understand what you want in your life properly or maybe you can also watch this video.

The next step is make sure to consulting spiritual sources to set guidance on your spiritual journey. You can simply read sacred texts or religious texts such as the bible, the torah, the Qur’an and any other religious text. Make sure to read scholarly texts alongside sacred texts, this way you will be ableto understand the context of your questions and struggles in understanding your spiritual journey. Then, you can consult public services or public figures such as the leader of a local church or clergy that capable to provide you with any questions on your spiritual journey. Then, you can read or loisten to popular spiritual journey. There are many popular writer and speaker that will allow you to evoke spiritual awakening experience, or you can travel to retreats, camps, spiritual meetups to expand your horizons and meet new people.

Get a Course in Miracle Books to Understand more about Spiritual Awakening Experience

I recommend you to check a course in miracle books that alow you to understand more about spiritual journey and spiritual awakening experience. With the guidance of David Hoffmeister, you will be able to achieve miracles, happiness and understand more about the function of forgiveness and practical teaching about spiritual awakening. So, what are you waiting for, start your spiritual journey right now and achieve spiritual awakening to face this world and make peace with it.

How to Stay Careful during a Tax Audit

Many entrepreneurs do not take the subject of taxes consciously or unconsciously as seriously. But that can have fatal consequences during tax audit. For if the tax office reveals errors or misdemeanors that lead to high back taxes, additional interest or even civil penalties, it can lead to life-threatening financial bottlenecks. We looked behind the scenes and put together the methods, tricks and exam practices.

Fateful Post Calculation

If a business owner has not recorded all operating income correctly, the auditor often identifies this by sampling the goods used. The same applies to hairdressers who buy neck braces for thousands of customers – but only want to serve a few hundred customers. Even restaurant operators, whose laundry bill suggests much more place settings than would be expected on the basis of turnover, can expect detailed inquiries.

Tip: Discrepancies and mistakes happen. In such a case, a plausible explanation is important. The presumption of the tax office can be refuted, for example, if the mustard was spoiled, or the ruffs were no longer available because of defect or theft. Here, however, the entrepreneur is in doubt in the burden of proof (e.g. photos of defective / corrupted goods, reported to the police for stolen goods, etc.).

Unannounced Visits by the Accountant

Since 1.1.2019, an auditor of the tax office can stand unannounced at the door and ask an entrepreneur to let him to his cashier. The surprise visit is intended to expose deficiencies in the cash management.

New Trend: Joint Audits with Foreign Auditors

If a company has an international presence and therefore has companies that are related to each other in different countries, the tax office looks very carefully to ensure that the profits are distributed correctly. If you notice that the profit in the country is bad, even though the owner steers the business here and in Switzerland or Luxembourg the highest profit is made, even though there are only a few office workers there, there is a threat of a joint audit. To do so, the German and foreign tax administrations ally and examine together.

Stumbling Trap Bonus Settlement

Often entrepreneurs, while shopping in wholesale at the end of the year for the sales, make a bonus in money or a discount for future purchases. Then the auditor can determine by retroactive accounting, if an entrepreneur has “bought on two invoices”: Once “official” for the goods, which run over the bookkeeping, and once “private” for all sales, which are done “on the side”.

Things to Know About Piano Tuners

Piano tuners and technicians can be easy to find, but finding ones that are experienced and knowledgeable can be a whole different thing. To help make this a little easier for you, here are a few things you should know about piano tuners and technicians.

Nobody Regulates These People

Unlike a number of other services and trades, piano technicians have no regulations to follow. That means anybody can post an ad online or in the paper claiming to be a piano technician. This does not mean that anybody can do it, though.

To find reputable piano tuning Waltham, make sure you read reviews. The internet can be a shopper’s best friend and provide a wealth of information on almost any local business.

Experience Can be Very Important

It should be noted that just because someone does not have a lot of experience as a piano tuner and technician, does not mean they are not a qualified professional. There are some things in every profession that simply come more easily over time. Be it the muscle memory in tightening strings or the more detail-oriented hearing to ensure every note is perfect.

Speak With the Technicians for Local Companies

Sometimes, it never hurts to just walk in and start talking to a company about a piano tuning. Often times, we can tell if something is off about a person, and this can be a great indicator that we simply won’t mesh well. This may not be a lifelong relationship, but if you are looking at tuning your piano, it can be a safe assumption that you want it to work well in the future. A quality piano technician or tuner can be someone you do use several times throughout your life. Make sure you don’t dread each moment and you will be more apt to get it done.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As you begin working with piano technicians, you will find your own things to watch for in good and bad ones.

Great Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Buying holiday gifts for friends and family can be easy because you have some idea as to what they like and what they would want. But what about the secret Santa at work or the babysitter who has been there for you all year? Sometimes you just need to know what to get a person that they will appreciate and enjoy no matter who they are or what they do.

Gift Baskets

No matter who you are buying for, a gift basket is always a good idea. For example, a cookie gift baskets is ideal for anyone and is a gift that is always appreciated. A professional looking gift basket will look like you gave an expensive gift and it will be something the recipient will always remember.

Stress Toys

Stress toys are a simple gift that can you can give anyone where the exchange has a dollar limit on it. You can find stress toys in a lot of different forms, and you are bound to find one that your recipient will like. You might not get an energetic thanks when you give the gift, but when you see that person six months later giving their stress toy a workout you will know that you have done well.

USB Drives

A USB drive is a way for someone to carry important data around that they may need at a moment’s notice. A lot of people have a USB drive around their necks or on their key rings to make them readily available. In recent years, novelty USB drives have been created that follow themes such as movies, music, and television shows. A novelty USB drive can be a fun gift that your recipient would really appreciate.

Buying a gift for someone you really do not know can be difficult. But when you have plenty of good gift ideas available, you can choose something that you know your recipient will appreciate and use all year long.